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Miss Chrystal

Favorite Color: Purple & Green

Favorite Flower: ALL!

Favorite Scent: anything but floral 

Favorite Candy: Purple Skittles, Gummy Bears, Lifesavers, Air Heads, Sweet Tart Chewies, Sour Punch, Gummy Worms/ Bears, and Giant Nerds 

Favorite Drink: Energy Drinks, Tea, & Lemonade

Favorite Food: Pizza, Sushi, Pho, & Spaghetti

Favorite Fruit: ALL!

Favorite Restaurant: Slackwater, Roosters,  & Tona 

Favorite Animal: Dog, Goats, all animals really!

Favorite Book/ Author: Stephen King. Mystery, Thrillers,  & Suspense.

Favorite Places: None

Hobbies: Hiking, Gym, Taking my dog to the park, Reading, Yoga, Baking, Snowboarding, & Hanging out with Friends and Family. 

How I like to relax:  Cuddle with my dogs, Read, Yoga, & Watch Movies