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Miss Sarah

Favorite Color: White.....

Favorite Flower: I love them all. 

Favorite Scent: Fresh scents.

Favorite Candy: Twizzlers nibs, chocolate, sour gummy worms. 

Favorite Drink: Adult beverages, Starbucks drinks, Fizz

Favorite Food: Pasta & Cupbop

Favorite Fruit: Strawberries & Pineapple

Favorite Restaurant: Tacanos, PF Changs, & Noodles and Co. 

Favorite Animal: Bears

Favorite Places:  Target

Hobbies: Shopping and doing fun things with my kids. 

Things I collect: Michael Kors & Starbucks Cups

How I like to relax: Fall asleep on the couch - (then waking up in a panic at 1 AM to move the elf.)